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DK22 THE ROPES - Do We Get a Soundcheck? No? Good

DK22 THE ROPES - Do We Get a Soundcheck? No? Good

THE ROPES first Cd Compilation. 

A selection songs from their Ep's (2009 - 2014) 
Especial edition in digifile Cd. 100 copies. 
El primer recopilatorio del grupo de Nueva York THE ROPES.
Canciones seleccionadas de sus Ep´s editados entre 2009 y 2014. 
Edición especial limitada a 100 copias en Digifile. 

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1 Love Is A Chain Store 
2 America Will Copy
3 Take Your Seatbelt Off 
4 Addicted To Morals 
5 Civil Lanterns 
6 Sadness Is the Rich Man's Drug 
7 I Am The Last Ghetto 
8 The Man Who Refused Be Born 
9 I Want It All, So I Can Have Nothing 
10 Hell Can Do Right 
11Clubs In Europe Forever 
12 I Don´t Like To Get Dirty 

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"Think of tints of BlouseBroadcastNew Order. Catchy and sensual synth/noise pop, tuneful sensibilities from 80s nostalgia. Danceable and obscure. Guitars, drum machines. Sharon Shy's vocals are haunting, firm and algid, yet, so charming. The main track is also a lovely video, somehow macabre and hypnotic. Simply perfect in its sinister vibe. Now ears and soul ready, press play"

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